Value those who love you!


Loving but letting go of is easy to say but actually very hard to do! Suffering emotionally and spiritually for someone through the years and years really doesn’t deserve to be kicked of in a moment. Yeah people love each other and choosing the right partner is everyones right, but, we should always make sure that through our behaviour we are not ridiculing or ignoring those who always remained with you! Those who loved you deeply!
We all know those who admired us, loved us but we never felt the same for them due to whatever reasons might had been. Its wrong to make them feel unimportant or telling how superior you are doing comparisons. We can simply respect their feelings for us atleast for the sake of person they always loved (thats obvoiously us). 🙂 Loving back is not a compulsion but yes respecting is! Respect, value, make them feel important and strong when they need you. Theres nothing bad in this. Its just about not leaving someone all alone and broken to be shattered behind the walls of their empty rooms. And I’m sure it really won’t damage make your plan to “move on” in life!
Stay happy cheers! ^_^


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