Imagine you are a school boy with huge & heavy bag on his back who returns home all the way walking, his way of walking and facial expressions will easily show how tired he is! All he wants on his way back home is that when will he unload burden off his shoulders! When he finally gets back, he instead of putting is bag aside, he lies himself on the sofa along with that heavy bag so that he can put his bag off after relaxing his muscles a bit! All he does is depending on others, over-eating terribly, doesn’t care or listen others properly, or start sulking and the list goes on. Hence, he puts all his abilities on a pause!

Thinking for over hours and hours does the same thing. Here in the above given example, if I say, the weight he’s carrying in the form of bag is ‘a bundle of unlimited thoughts’, you can easily imagine how intensely ‘overthinking’ affect your abilities physically as well as mentally. You are not able to do anything actively, nor can you behave normally!

Moreover most of the times, our minds contain the thoughts which are either aimless leading to nowhere or else about the problems we have in our lives. If a plan can sort the problems out, do it only in order to take steps to solve it & if not, keep in mind overthinking is only going to make you hopeless and less active. So, instead of thinking unlimited, we should rather act more to make things better after finding a way out.


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