Decision ‘in-between’


Imagine the person who loves you, proposes you, how will you respond? Or what kind of response he/she wants from you? Obviously, your decision will be based on either “yes” or “no”. Even if you are unable to say directly, your actions will speak louder that whether you want to go for it or not!

We take decisions to choose our ways because confusions are poisonous. Hanging yourself between two entirely different options would only waste your time & strength. A person who is unable to decide actually which way to go does not only suffer physically, but his emotional side can also get devastated.

Moreover, actions can never be undone, so think harder while taking decisions & ones the decisions are taken, never do the thing that can go against your own decision or that can influence badly on your decision!

Whenever you decide anything, keep the pros and cons in mind & let your mind and soul move together in a single situation. Situations where mind and soul move differently will only break you first mentally and even cause you health issues!

So, decide wisely & then act accordingly!


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