Relationships are often broken when you are unable to understand a simple thing that everyone needs space! Every human being has an emotional side of life that has both sad as well as happy stages. And obviously, for dealing with former one, they need to revive their normal state of mind and soul through something. Its very natural thing to need solitude when you want to relax or meditate.
We should respect the fact that there are times when we want nobody around & in a sense we just want to dissappear for sometime. We literally feel repulsion from everything & everyone that tries to step into those private moments. Being “clingy” seriously destroys the relationships! Give some space to others & also enjoy your time alone. If anyone is feeling down & needs some time, please let them go for it instead of being extraordinarily curious & trying to keep a track of their every move.
Respect & try to understand their needs so that the relationship can grow stronger.
Act wisely & stay happy!


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