Toxic Relationships


Threats to break up simply do not exist in the relationships worth having! Go for someone who wants to keep holding you forever. Find the one who values your presence & feels incomplete in your absence, the one who owns you with all your flaws and weaknesses, the one who never forgets to express how special you are. In a real relationship, your feelings are entirely differently, your confidence level boosts up and you have great sense  of security.  That’s a real relationship worth growing.

Instead of this, if a man doesn’t value your time, your presence and your love for them, seriously you need to let go off such relationship. Because keeping yourself bound with such people require great consumption of your feelings and love for life. All of your mental peace is literally set fire to! The more time you will waste in such relationships, the more mental damage you have to bear later on.

Save your faith in love for someone who would value it!


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