When does love survive?


Sad but true that one-sided love ultimately fades away or simply dies. There are a few people I’ve met who want to be loved by someone, but they themselves don’t bother to love’em back. Later on, when other person gives up & moves on a separate way, they realize and repent. Obviously things don’t become as they were before. What is the reason? Ever thought? Love is ‘need’ like water, clothes, shelter and other necessary things are.

Suppose you are very thirsty, what will you do? You will drink water & if you don’t have it, you will naturally find other resources where you think it would be available! It’s really not possible to quench your thirst without drinking! Similarly, if you are hungry, nothing else only food will help you, or else if you are sleepy, only a good sleep can relieve you! Likewise, we all have emotional needs that ‘has to be’ satisfied!

If someone loves you but you don’t feel the same for them, what will happen? Ultimately after a short or a long term struggle that person will have none other than these two choices: either he will stop loving you and move on, or else he will keep hanging with you satisfying his needs somewhere else! He really doesn’t have other choices. (Although I’m sure many would disagree saying things like “true love is done ones” or if someone is serious, he will die but won’t even look at anybody else! I totally disagree with these kind of things.) The fact is this that we all want love! We all ‘need’ a person who is loving, caring, pampering, spoiling, hugging and all that. What we forget to do after getting such partner is ‘loving back equally’. The one who loves you is also a human and he needs love, affection in the same intense and honest way!

If love is missing on either side, it will have drastic consequences in the form of break ups, divorces or extra marital affairs etc.


3 thoughts on “When does love survive?

  1. I completely agree with you, I’ve been on both sides of this issue. I’m currently in a relationship where I shower my partner with love and would do anything for them. They will do almost nothing for me. He’s pretty selfish and will only ever do things that he wants to. I’ve been told that men show affection differently and we shouldn’t expect the same emotional openness from men.
    I’d love it if you would read my blog, I’d like as much feedback about my posts as I can

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    1. I would only say that a woman can easily identify that whether its lust or real love and affection in man’s heart only through deep eye contact! Do eye contact very often and also don’t forget that yes, men “do”express their love differently “but”, on the other hand, emotional openness is naturally experienced when you are with the right partner! 🙂


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