If you have a vision, a dream, don’t say yes to anything that can ruin it. For ‘yes’ and ‘no’ show your commitment to something or someone, you need to be very clear about each step you take. Saying yes to something you don’t want to do means breaking your dreams, wasting your emotions as well as energy to something you dislike to do, passing days of life in fulfillment of unworthy relationships and thus distancing yourself from happiness!

Let the inner strength speak for the decisions you feel are better for your happy future! Refuse to go for anything you feel is not worth consuming your energy in.

Just suppose you do a commitment to something unhappily, what will happen? Either you will leave things in the lurch causing damage to every linked side or in case you fulfill it, you would die incomplete & unhappy! Live a life worth living!

Don’t ignore yourself, save happiness for your life too!

Say big big ‘yes’ to your happiness!

Learn to say ‘no’ when necessary!


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