Heal Yourself


Don’t get stuck in the past as you don’t belong there. You belong to the present!
You are under no obligation to keep holding the past in life, even if you do, it can only fritter away your today, your present! Time becomes past so that either we learn from it or we help ourselves live a better life! It’s really not so that you keep scratching the wound and leaving no possibility to let it heal. Release!!!
Let I all go!
We all had a time when we had to deal with mental stress, anxieties, emotional and spiritual abuse. But time heals everything and this is the best thing about it. Don’t you feel like living a better life? Of course, you do. You definitely want to enjoy peace of mind and live happily. What stops you from being happy? I’m not saying that your pain is the smaller than mine or anybody else’s, but question yourself, ‘What’s the point of making your life even more miserable by remembering the things that still have much tendency to poison your present?’ Let go off the bad memories that only can bring tears into your beautiful eyes as it will break you again making you emotionally paralyzed. Bad things happen, forgetting or remembering is our decision!
Choose to live a better life!
Prioritize to heal yourself!


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