‘Painful realities’ VS ‘Fake Happiness’


For instance, there is a rich man so busy with his happy routine of life. One day he feels pain in any body part but he simply ignores it. He forgets that pain after a few days, but later after a few months, he feels the same pain again. He ignores it again and again as he thinks it’s very mild one and doesn’t need a proper treatment. One day, he feels that the pain he experiences is way more intense now is. Instead of rushing to the doc he tries to delay it because he has a fear that he will be diagnosed with something serious and it actually happens, the pain he has been ignoring was a cancer which was now incurable! The question is, what he was waiting for? I feel the pain did not harm him as much as the delay did!
Actually, it’s very unhealthy practice for your life as you easily and happily put your emotions and mind at the risk of a lie!
We make situation worse by dragging the problems unsolved or ignored endlessly at the first place. When we are sincerely in love with someone, we often start feeding ourselves with their lies only so that we remain in the certain state of happiness. You are too afraid to face the reality and try your level best to force yourself to get satisfied with their lies. Deep inside we feel that there is something wrong going on but we are just too scared to accept what that feeling. On one side, where we feel powerful due to the presence of any certain person in our life, just like that on the other hand, we also find ourselves to be powerless and helpless with the fear to lose them. But we should keep in mind that denying the facts will not change it, instead it has the power to disclose itself at a wrong time. Ignoring the problem doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist but it means that you are afraid to solve it as your “fake” happiness depends on it. Muster up courage to face the reality, even if you will have to deal will pain, believe that it is going to be temporary! Prolonging the unsolved issues will only make your life tough, accepting the reality will lead to peace and happiness.


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