Why limits in love?


We all believe that balance in everything is important. Each & every thing has its importance that nobody can deny but on the other hand, we also try to keep things in a limit! Giving you a very simple example, we all enjoy eating sweet in different forms like desserts, ice creams or anything, but, we know that excess use of it can result into health issues like diabetes, bad gums etc. Same is the case with our emotions and relationships! We need to deal with our emotions in a limit! Love unconditionally but don’t irritate your partner by clinging all the time. This will not only lower your own self esteem but this can also make them take you for granted and moreover they might also think that you don’t have anyone else to spend time with or anything else worth doing! In this case, they not only won’t value your time, but also won’t value your efforts, feelings & sacrifices for them. Let them love and value you as well, equally like you do! Give them a bit space, stay a bit away too by spending your time in something good that can add to your value. Although our hearts don’t feel like supporting this idea, but, this is true that caring extraordinarily will only result into people turning away from you. Try it ones, when together spend best time, but later, keeping distance will make them miss you, chase you, value you, respect you and love you even more…


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