“Self-acceptance is your highest level of perfection!”

We feel bad about how world tends to customize us & doesn’t accept us as we are. We often find people who try to change us too much usually to an extent when we no longer feel comfortable, rather we feel “rejected” or “annoyed” or even “insulted”. Why is that? Ever questioned yourself? Did we ever feel bad when we do the same to “ourselves”? It’s because the world sees the magnified view of our own “perceptions” about us! They know where we feel weak and awkward being ourselves.

Our definition of perfection is usually based on “appearance”. We feel others are perfect only if they look perfect! For instance, we assume everything in a person’s life who has a great fan following, is perfect! Only because they have a “beautiful profile” doesn’t mean that they don’t have negative aspects about their lives to deal with! They are only dealing perfectly with what they have, that we can also do! We can also deal with our positive aspects to make it our strength!

Satisfy your heart with who you are by acknowledging your strengths and accomplishments, ignore the inner critic, spend time with the supportive people who encourage you, and avoid who try to rule over you by putting you down. Satisfy yourself instead of trying to please others by being someone you are not! Pleasing the whole world is none of our duties so stay happy and carry on being “original”!


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