Fear to accept things


We learn from our environment and are more prone to believe the “already known” things. We add concepts to our brain from the way people around us act and behave. Our elders are the biggest source of our thinking. Origin of our way of thinking is basically coming from our elder’s way of thinking as we spent most of our time with them and insignificantly their ideas became firm in us!
How does it happen? For example, your parents believe that a relative of them is not a good person due to financial differences or whatever the odd reason might be. They start feeding their own kids with the same toxicity and eventually their kids will be completely brainwashed with the same hatred. They also think that the relative or the family their parents don’t like is actually not worth meeting! So, what happened? Children themselves after growing up won’t bother to find out the reality hidden buried in the past years.
Another very common thing I’ve noticed in relationships is when one knows that the second person is only “using” him/her emotionally or whatever, but even then, they “love” that certain feeling as it satisfies their craving for something that isn’t even there! They happily deny the bad vibes or facts that reveal by time. We ignore what negative things people tell us about that person as we are scared to break the normal cycle of life where a relationship is only made to be kept forever! What we want is staying bound no matter what the circumstances are. We have a fear to tell ourselves that “It’s fake!”, “it’s nothing & it’s going nowhere!”
Save yourself from such fool things society feed us with & try to accept the truth in whatsoever form it is because only reality can keep you emotionally strong and healthy, lie can only play with you and your golden years of life!


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