“Past- a closed chapter of life”


Time gone is gone forever! No power on earth can let it all come back again! Past is the time dead that tears, prayers, heartache can NOT bring back to you. Keeping yourself emotionally and spiritually stuck with those who left you years back can only damage your soul. We should only accept two things out of the infinite things past offer, good memories & good lessons. Leave all the rest where it was long ago!

Maybe, you had lost something or someone precious, and maybe you will not get anything or anyone similar to that, but, be sure whatever awaits you now, belongs to the future! Like everyone says that its morning after every night, similarly, there’s happiness after every pain that tears you apart! This is the reality that nobody can deny. What you need is, “realize”, realize that hope is eternal and destiny is what makes you keep moving ahead till you reach there!

Keep moving with high spirits, destiny is way more beautiful than you hope!


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