We are all perfect!


We were all born perfect till we started to deny it.
Directly or indirectly, we dislike ‘ourselves’ the most as we disown our perfections and own what the world teaches us a wrong definition of perfection according to that perfection means having perfect features, perfect complexion, wearing a perfect dress, having strong financial status and other materialistic things like that.
We FORGOT that when we were born, we loved ourselves and everyone else & not only this, we enjoyed each moment of life without even thinking ones about how much money I had, is my nose perfect in shape or not, or do I have perfect shoes to wear. Everything was perfect in life but later while we growing up among the unhappy people, they fed our minds with the importance of fulfilling the ‘worldly demands to live perfectly’ and ‘fear of rejection’ otherwise instead of teaching us the value of self-love and happiness in life.
You must have seen people debating perfectly against ‘racism’ as we know its toxicity can cause inequality and discomfort in our societies. That’s right thing to do but ever noticed what are we doing to ourselves? Why do we experience lack of good thoughts for ‘us’ while thinking about ourselves? Why deep inside our hearts lies great unhappiness when we have done nothing wrong with ourselves? What is the reason behind this feeling?
The reason is that we DO NOT ‘accept’ ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually ‘as we are’. Moreover, we try to live a life that can satisfy others’ mind set. I believe people will accept us ONLY when we will accept us! People will be happy with us ONLY when we know how to keep ourselves happily. Others will love us ONLY when we feel the same for us.
Let’s accept how blessed we are! Stop feeling inferior, rather love yourself and let the happiness grow within your heart, it will reflect through your life.


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