We all crave for appreciation and support. We all need support as an energy booster to gain our goals of life. But if we just think for a moment, lacking appreciation should not pause your work anyway! You all must have heard about many people who built up their lives in a total independent way exploring and utilizing their own strength! They owned their hidden powers like a ruler of the kingdom! They changed not only their lives but also of others.
There was a young boy in Pakistan who opened his eyes in a life of ‘total crises’. He instead of crying on his fate, decided to face the challenges through his self-sufficiency. He borrowed an old cart and started selling fruits. In the day time, he used to sell fruits and rest a bit, later at night while all usually sleep tight in their comfortable beds, he used to sit under a lamppost in the street with his books in hands! He studied and after graduation, he completed his Masters under the same lamppost. He kept displaying his certificated and testimonials on his cart that increased his customers too. Then he started teaching in a college meanwhile he completed his M.Phil. Now what? He is a professor in a very good private college and is happily enjoying his married life. Wow! Such an inspiration! What if he had lost his interest and chosen to spend the same life style like others in his family did?
We always have choices in our lives and we should always take decisions for our better lives. Spend tough days, but work for a happy and prosperous future as only internally strong people survive and lead a better life. As Aristotle said, “Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.”


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