Nothing ahead..



Life is all about continuing to move forward each moment like a flowing river. Like when water settles itself in the form of a pond, it not only loses its freshness but it also causes smell and even disease. Similarly, a person who runs behind something (or someone) that seizes your abilities to move further ahead, not only becomes unhappy but he also becomes trouble for the people around him!
Don’t be desperate to be in a relationship with the one who tries to dominate you or treat you like a robot and plays with you as if he/she has your remote control in their hands and they will decide what to do and what not to. Hence instead of bringing betterment, they make your life even more miserable.
Another example, I’ve seen many people working in any institution for decades giving way extra services than actually what they are being paid for & they are still getting hand to mouth wage. Even then, they decide to remain at the same place just because they are afraid to move forward! Their life will NOT change until and unless they decide to challenge themselves to take a step forward!
Don’t do this with your life! Life deserves a lot! You deserve the best as I feel we all have abilities hidden in us that can make us more successful. Keep moving forward, work for those who will pay you back equally. Be in a relationship who understands you and encourages you to do even better in life!
Otherwise, life is really not worth it!


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