Midnight reveals


The real me, nobody knows but ‘I’. The real you, nobody knows but ‘you!’ We fake the smiles, we pretend the ‘gestures’, we present ourselves according to the world around us… What we feel deep inside, what we actually wanted from our lives, what we have had lost, the battles our minds, the storms in our hearts, the shattered dreams in our eyes….nobody knows!
Past few years when people used to tell me, “May you always stay happy ‘like this’..”, it sounded like a curse to me as I knew what I actually had inside me & the smiles I used to show to everyone were all ‘fake’. From those experiences I learnt that we can never judge though smiles, happy profile pictures or other similar stuff, that one is happy about his life or not!
Some midnight wake up, be alone for sometime & start questioning yourself things you ever have had been confused about! I’m sure you will get all answers as that time, thats ‘entirely you’ that speaks up for you! No other thoughts and screams of the people you socialize with can intrude you. Your happiness is what ‘you’ feel deep inside your heart. Don’t believe what others claim about your emotions as they judge on the basis of ‘how amazingly you socialize with them’. They never have seen you behind the walls of an empty room where your inner feelings are quite visible in your pure eyes. You are happy if you feel it in your solitude, not otherwise!
Value your life!
Find you happiness!


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