Express clearly..


Most of the times, we choose to stay silent so that other can try to figure out what actually the matter is! How in the world can we expect other to dream of something ‘we’ have in our brain or heart! Ridiculous..isn’t it?
We should ‘learn’ to express each of our feelings in a very respectful as well as logical way. Keeping everything in heart causes disappointments and heartache and not only this, we also lose many important people as we start expecting things, conversations and situations they are not even aware of!
Be open about your feelings. There’s nothing wrong with it trust me. If you are feeling annoyed, disappointed or hurt with anything, express it nicely. Similarly, if you like something or you feel respected any action or gesture, appreciate it equally.
Voice your feelings to make things better instead of making it all worst by growing it inside till everything becomes out of control.


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