Spread hope



Nothing lasts forever. Whatever things or situations are, they can never be permanent. This belief that things will be fine makes us keep moving ahead every moment with strong heart.
In this search of happiness, we come across many people. Some appreciate our courage while a few might think its useless to go behind the things we are struggling for. Even on a stage some might get assured that the thing you want is probably not even there!
Don’t let anyone lose hope as hopelessness is toxic and its toxicity varies from person to person. You never know the little word of hopelessness you utter would only break the other person for the time being or else it proves to be deadly! The least a word of hopelessness can do is filling someone’s eyes with tears. Instead spread words of hope always that can help them stay motivated.
There are many good things that are on its way to us. What we all need is stay strong and wait for the right things to reach us.


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