Liar Mom!


I read a story from some magazine or newspaper & was really touched by it. There was a child whose mother passed and his father got married again and they all had to live together happily or else unhappily. That boy often said one thing, “My mom used to lie while my step mom speaks the truth”. When somebody asked the reason he replied, “I say so because whenever my mom was angry, she used to lie saying me, “eat food now or else I wont give it to you later but she always did the opposite, but whenever my step mom tells me so, she actually doesn’t offer me food later on.”
Sigh…How can ever bring words to explain a mother’s love for her children! This is not possible…
When my grandmother was on her death bed, she was all concerned about her children. She was very worried about her elder son who is extremely naive and innocent. She told my dad to go cook food himself for her son when she is gone forever. She said, “Cook it yourself & take care of ‘J’, give him food properly.”

Can’t we just love our mothers? Don’t make her stand helpless in front of you, understand her, always! Respect her, always! Don’t just post things on social media where she wont be even reading it.
Give them happy time!
If you can see you mom standing in front of you, seriously consider yourself the luckiest person on earth! What you fail to get through your prayers, tell her to ask for it from God! He wont say ‘no’ to her as nobody can be more sincere to you than her!
God bless!


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