We decide ‘how to feel’!


Utilize your powers and strengths positively. Control the pattern of your thoughts firmly as it has the tendency to drag you endlessly emotionally, spiritually and mentally when you lose your control over it. It wont be wrong if I say, brain is the main hub that supplies you with the emotions and feelings, and what our heart gets from it is actually the kind of thoughts “we” are feeding our brains with! Think positive and feel positive!
Life shows us a lot but what we decide to “store” in our brain depends only on “us”! We can’t move on if we keep ourselves mentally and so emotionally stuck in the “past”, we can’t heal the wound that is scratched over & over again, we can’t feel happy if we become blind to the blessings we “have” in our life, we do what we decide to think! And guess what, nobody can change your life, but only you through the right pattern of thoughts!
Let you thoughts produce positivity so that life can react in the same way! Decide not to let your mind go barren!
Think what makes you strong and let go off the rest…



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