‘Handle stubborn emotions’


Have you ever felt yourself trapped in a situation of extreme feelings like fear, self hatred, inferiority complex, loneliness, anger and sorrow that sometimes completely surrounds your mind & heart making your entire being hopeless and helpless? The questions that arise in your mind are ‘Where shall to go?’, ‘What shall to do?’, ‘Who should I talk to?’, etc. These are the stubborn emotions that can’t let us get away from a certain situations when we seriously need a way out!
Have you ever thought that its ‘you, yourself’ who is responsible for whatsoever your mind & heart suffers through? YES, YOU ARE DOING THIS! How? Because you have fed your mind with such thoughts that first causes similar emotions & later when you keep feeding those thoughts with appreciation and additional toxic thoughts, it starts ruling over your entire being! How strangely you behave under such thoughts makes the situation even worst!
Getting back to the beginning, firm and stubborn emotions like fear, sorrow, self hatred are caused by ‘the way we think!’. Hence its proved that stubborn thoughts cause the stubborn emotions and thoughts ‘CAN BE’ changed!


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