Respect feelings

Sometimes there are situations when there is nothing going right. Similarly, I feel there are people in this world whose life is in ‘total crises’ from every aspect, maybe I was also one of them. Why being ignored by the one who you madly admire & love? Because you have ‘nothing’ nothing more than pure n loyal love for them. They leave you only because probably they feel shame in loving a person who has health issues in family or doesn’t have a lovely house like they have, or you don’t have a new long shinning car in your garage like they have, or if the paint on your house’s walls refuse ‘straightly’ to stick unlike their beautifully painted walls, or when your house is all flooded ruining most of the good furniture while they enjoy tea watching the rainfall. .. what’s the fault of heart that loves ‘one’ on every beat?

Love, a true one is a complete package in itself. Love can fight every hardship only if it is accepted or atleast respected! I always believed that life changes & it did! No problem ever remained permanent nor it did! Life changed, things improved and the wounds probably still hurts but not as before. The person I used to see infront of the mirror changed a lot! That person learned that love for a few is NOT ENOUGH. People want more to be proud of you.

I liked the one I used to look at in the mirror, fresh, smiling, laughing & ‘believing’ in love, those who changed that person I loved has no more place in my life. Today I see somebody else in the mirror who not only still believes in love but more than that, ‘who couldn’t stand with me or atleast respect me when I had nothing need not to be in my life when I’ve everything….


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