Say ‘NO’ to emotional decisions!


There are times when we lose our ability to take decisions & all we want in that very moment is to get ‘rid of’ the confusions. Emotional damages, chaos of endless thoughts, years of love or efforts behind a relationship, or anything like this makes us take decision immediately. What makes us act like this? ‘Extreme feeling’! Extreme feeling of hurt, hatred, dishonesty or lovelessness may include in this category. In such situations, basically what we all need is to ‘release the powerful anger from inside of us’ & this ‘can be’ done through other acts that wont damage relationships or cause regret later on. Buy a punching sack, punch & kick it!
Break the glass that is near you! Seriously! Trust me its better than taking wrong decisions instantly & acting in a wrong way that can break relationships. Break your perfume bottle, go outside the house & stay away from everyone and everything for a while, its better than acting foolishly & losing one forever.
Let your anxieties release!
Let your anger damage things that are not emotionally connected with you!
Let all that trash RELEASE & clean you from inside and when this is done, now decide wisely using your brain. As its also patience that solves many of our issues, things become clear with the passage of time. Give time to your confusions, set the anger free & take decisions wisely.


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