Confused? Read this!


Since past two weeks, I’ve been really really confused about something that even after hours & hours of mental stress could not figure anything out. Infact everything, every situation felt helpless, every second felt like paused forever. All I needed was to ‘pass the time’. The issues of my personal life appeared to be permanent, way more difficult, much more tangled..simply NO WAY OUT till a thought came to my mind that SORTED ALL ISSUES INSTANTLY. The thought that had wispered in my ears was that ‘What if my daughter would have being facing all of this? What would have been better done in that case?’ Trust me, the very next moment was thinking like a super-mom, the stronger women than all!
I no longer felt weak emotionally or mentally as I knew what could be best for my daughter & the same thing I had to do in my case as well.
Chaos of endless confusions has now disappeared! Decisions are no longer doubtful! Life is no longer trapped in the bog of miseries! Everything I believe is going to be fine as I trust my thoughts & strengths.
Treat yourself wisely!
Listen carefully to your heart & understand what you actually need.
Issues can be fixed for sure as its only stress that makes us confused and helpless & moreover the extreme of confusion makes us believe that there is NO WAY OUT..although THERE IS!


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