Positive reasons


Things are not always like they appear to be, people are usually not like they present themselves, circumstances and problems are not always ‘clear’ and real as they seem to be. We never know what the reality behind might be.
We react instantly over things due to our emotional, mental or spiritual as well as physical involvement with it. We feel bad about anything that strikes directly on our emotional or mental side of life. Its normal! We are human beings afterall and we have a heart that reacts to everything that happens to it. Happiness, sorrow, excitement, everything has an impact on our hearts, personalities, behaviour etc.
When we lose someone very close, our hearts totally refuse to understand anything positive and questions continuously, “Why?” We cry hiding our faces under the pillows, we are lost in our imaginations, and then memories tear us apart even more. Cry, there is nothing we can do to resist it, but DO NOT SAY UNGRATEFUL WORDS! Keep in mind that this was the best thing that could happen because God knows what we don’t know. He blesses us things or people who were totally unknown to us before!
Time clears everything later. What we are unable to understand will be clear to us in the future.


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