Miracles for fighters!


Value life & value your blessings! Don’t take anything for granted.Until and unless we are breathing & surviving, we CAN bring good changes in our lives & even in the environment around us. Every moment is equally unique, lucky & special. Its only our attitude that makes anything easy or worse than before. We all have power in our brain & strength in our nerves that can be utilised whenever and wherever ‘we’ want!
Time doesn’t change by itself! We changes through our efforts, the more efforts we put in, the more amazing the life turns out to be. Similarly, the more you wait for a miracle to happen by itself, the more longer you suffer. Nobody’s life is cruel but its a battle of nerves, you lose the moment you accept defeat and start feeling that nothing is going to change.
If you want to change your life, keep in mind that YOU CAN DO IT! Self made people around the world were not born in the royal families but its their courage that made them a gem.
Refuse to compromise with the pains of life & struggle to change it! Through hardwork everything is possible. Just believe! Believe in yourself! Try! Take risks! Fight! You can’t get anything without struggling and suffering! For a man is, only the thing he works hard for!


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