Feeling alone..

Sometimes, so many incomplete things surround us completely,  unsaid things into our hearts, unshared pain around minds, unexposed fears around our souls. These unsaid, unshared, unexposed things enslave us in the chains and locks of silence! No matter how much we try, the powerlessness keeps our entire being in a tight grip either till we learn to accept the certain slavery or else till the hope of betterment no longer excites us!

Big world it is indeed! What do we run behind when at last nobody to be all yours to worry about you, to pamper you, to love you when you need to be cared, loved and owned! Hundreds of relatives, dozens of people we socialize with, even then not a single one to speak the heart out when you really feel weak, alone & shattered!

Faith in sincerity and honesty seems like another year gone that wont come back ever again. People have learned to love for mean. Its no longer is a matter of emotions but of concerns!



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