Mother in law


Even if you have a very good and supporting mother in-law and she always encourages you to stay strong, determined and never giving up while facing post marriage issues with your husband, your pain that poisons you deep inside will NEVER hurt her. Although she would remain there for you but that is only to make sure you don’t end giving up in your relationship with her son. Because she is a woman afterall and she totally understands where a man as a husband behaves typically. She knows her own son is wrong but would never openly says that. She wants you to die trying to please her son and speaks in support of spending even last breathe to keep up with the so called relationship & for all this she would brainwash you telling stories about women she knew from her circle who sacrificed their whole youth trying to please their cruel, careless and illmannered hubbies! You will always listen to them supporting such toxic relationships and to add more logic to her point, ‘Rights of a husband in ISLAM’ is brought under discussion. Why does this all happen? Because they want you to keep sticking to her son NO MATTER howsoever he treats you like.

After finishing yourself emotionally, spiritually and also mentally and physically, when you finally decide to move on eliminating the toxic elements from life, they try their level best to make you feel no longer wanted person in society and filling your mind and heart with hopelessness.

Learn to take decisions, value your relationships, but worry about your rights and happiness too! If you feel emotionally abused, keep in mind that your religion and law(both!) give you permission to do so because in islam there are ‘Rights of Wife’ are equally important! Don’t spend a hollow life. Even if your mother in law is a very great mother in law, your relationship with her is ‘after’ the relationship you have with her son! If he isn’t good with you, nobody else matters.


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