My life before U! ‘|–|’


Love is strange, it makes you mad, it makes your heart sink & your feet float up high in the air….

He came to my life when everything was totally gone upside down, nothing was right. It was silence that screamed everywhere, it was pain that broke every bit of my heart. In the mornings, I didn’t want to wake up to another aimless and terrible day of my life, I ate food to stay alive for a little ‘hopeless’ hope that ‘maybe’ ‘maybe’, things will change, maybe a day will come when I will finally start believing that there is true love somewhere around the world. Love stories looked so fake, relations even with the family seemed like a torture. Nobody understood, because probably even I could not understand. What did I want? What did I need? Why was I alive? I had no answer to any of the questions that were hitting my mind each moment. I separated myself from everything & everyone. One by one each & every person I needed & madly loved was leaving me… During offering prayers, my scarf used to get all wet with the tears but I always raising hands, I used to ask God, “What shall I ask for? I don’t know what’s good for me..I don’t know what do I need! What’s wrong with me God, I don’t know anything..’ With these incomplete prayers, I used to get up when there were no more tears for shedding till the next prayer…this was the life till he came….


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